Thamer Dawood
Shakir Al-Alousi

Pulse from Mesopotamia

Opening Reception: Saturday, October 22nd, 2011, 6-8pm

“Thamer Dawood was born in Iraq, the country which invented writing, where signs converted from voice to a picture and became later the foundation of human thinking…in that country, humans evolved from wild to civilized thinking. Dawood converts his inner voices into pictures capable of integrating and connecting together different beliefs through a crowded revolution of colors carried as adjacent signs of everyday life which we meet everywhere. Writings in different languages, numbers and color spots gathering at the bottom of the painting and shattering upwards into a strange structure of layers like those of history itself. In his paintings, the substrate converts into lines symbolizing historical signs etched in Mesopotamian ways to build on it modern and contemporary visual scenes.”
Dr. Balasem Mohammad, Baghdad – 2009

“[Shakir Al-Alousi’s] journey is framed with simplicity and depth. His paintings take you to a journey above the clouds with enchanting creatures straight from the Arabian Nights. He takes his female characters and skillfully molds them into the Iraqi folklore and traditional environment, creating extravagant worlds of color. His paintings are at once warm and direct, always taking us to a happier past, which is constantly called upon by the artist, but viewed, arranged, and presented according to his own artistic vision and dreams.”
Hussein Abdul Hameed - 2005

137 Greene Street
NY, NY 10012