Contemporary Women’s Concerns
Samar Al Shamsi

June 1 through June 7, 2012

Samar Al Shamsi was born in Beirut, Lebanon. She obtained a Bachelor of Architectural Engineering, an Honorary Doctorate from Oxford University in England, and an Honorary Doctorate from American University for Science and Technology California, and is currently studying political science in Lebanon. She currently lives in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Her work, Middle Eastern in culture, is juxtaposed with the objects and interpretation of her local culture. The resulting paintings are often playful and perceptive explorations of cultural identity.

Her paintings are from a series of realistic Arabic works, representing the force of the Arabic woman as that of a horse.

Says Shamsi, “From childhood, my talent and passion for arts was nourished, and I refined it in my university studies. My early works showed aggressive touches to express my thoughts by illustrating characters of cartoons and caricature, until I explored my artistic talents and was carried away with my thoughts to refine an idea, surfing with my brush and capturing the colors of the worlds’ environments, both physical and anthropological: desert, sea, heritage, politics and all the elements of the nature combined.
           I monitored the challenges of globalization in realistic, abstract and surreal languages, utilizing water, oil and acrylic colors while keeping my aesthetic balance. Most of this language is extruded from my inner world, and special dreams compelled me to get up for the sake of a fascinating scene that mixes together idea, context, and colors.
           I always pick featured ideas from my subconscious soul, I run to capture it, to turn off my infatuations, yet these ideas may be fragmented amongst the eyelashes of my dreams.
           My ideas haunt me until I color them with the universe’s distant colors, fill up my ego with climactic victory, hug my weaknesses, captivate me with their features, and allure me to their charm, while waiting in front of my eyes for the brush to record my most beautiful glorious moments."

The gallery is supported in part by the Oded Halahmy Foundation for the Arts, a 501(c)(3) non-profit cultural organization created to fund original artistic expressions that will promote a greater cultural understanding of the Middle East, thereby fostering peace and hope around the world. The Foundation has already supported a number of Middle Eastern writers and poets by bringing their translated books to the American audience

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